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SOLD OUT - The Nude Party "Hot Tub" Cassette 2nd pressing


8 songs of pure bliss, written and recorded by R. Cummings aka...

"The Nude Party, composed of six frequently pants-less dudes from Boone, formed shortly after bonding over a shared lack of clothing one night. Holding true to those beginnings, the psych-rock band revels in debauchery, subscribing to “a religion based on pushing the limits of bad taste,” according to an online bio. The musicians aren’t as clueless as they let on, though, boasting entertaining and polished music videos of their small-town mountain antics plus a growing list of industry connections like The Growlers and La Luz. Still, The Nude Party’s music provides a rock ‘n’ roll snapshot of youth’s blissful freedom."
-Kat McReynolds via Smart Bets